Tuesday night #xtc after the innovation games

I was talking to @benjaminm and telling him how excellent I thought his rendition of the red bead game was. And I was also talking to him about how I thought John Seddon's ideas were great but that I didn't think telling people that they were stupid (which is what he seems to do in his talks) is a particularly effective method of helping them change. Benjamin said that Seddon doesn't do that when he's actually consulting. He keeps quite and tries to find people that he calls "curious" members of management that might not be so hypnotised by the system that they're in that they can't still be interested in the actual problems of the work.

Benjamin seemed to like the comment I'd made at the red bead game about the RBG being a way of teaching Learned Helplessness as it's described in Seligman's book. I wondered if the people that Seddon finds in big organisations are the people who refuse to learn helplessness - just as about one third of Seligman's miserable electrocuted dogs refuse to learn it. I also talked about "The Psychology of Military Incompetence" and how some people must somehow manage to not get crushed by what Dixon calls "bullshit" otherwise we would never get any good military leaders.

Oh dear, sounds like I did most of the talking.

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