4 Reasons for Doing Anything (and why you should attend Building the Lean Web Development Team)

I recently read somewhere that there are only four kinds of reasons that persuade anybody to do anything. Since I sincerely think that anybody who has anything to do with web development should DO MY COURSE - Building the Lean Web Development Team, I thought I'd try all four of them.

Everybody is Doing this Course

Well, actually they're doing similar courses. Almost everybody involved with software development is now taking a look at Lean and Kanban. If you do this course, you'll be joining hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people worldwide who are realising that the approach of the Toyota Motor Company has something to teach them about their own business. But Shhh. Don't tell everybody this. Hang on a minute, what am I saying do tell everybody this. It's really important: Web development is different from making cars. Lots of people are talking about Lean and Kanban getting in consultants and going on courses, but they're trying to take what worked for making cars and clumsily attach it with staples and masking tape to the rather different process of software development. The differences between traditional software development and web development are mere details: kinds of details that Toyota's process guru Taiichi Ohno made a world-beating company by paying attention to.

Nobody is Doing this Course

If you do this course, you'll be in an elite minority. You'll be a rebel, a revolutionary, a true visionary. Almost nobody else is actually taking the principles that Taiichi Ohno used to develop the world's biggest car company and using them to actually understand and radically change the way people do web development. What most people are trying to do is to modify the practices which is, to be frank, just a little bit crazy. If you do this course, you won't just be giving your company a head start, because most companies will never be able to see web development this way. This course will teach you to look at your web development team in a way that will allow you to massively improve the effectiveness of what you do.

If you don't DO THIS COURSE Bad things will happen

If you don't do this course, or apply the kind of the ideas that we deal with in this course, bad things will happen to your Web development team. Quite simply, you will be overtaken by the web development companies and teams that do start to shape the way they work by the unique nature of web development problems. You won't be able to compete with these teams in terms of quality, cost or speed of turnaround. You know what's even worse? Evidence from what happened in the car industry is that even when things are utterly disastrous, you won't be able to see the problem.

If you do DO THIS COURSE Good things will happen

Lean web development is about learning to see web development for what it really is. Once you start to understand that "project management" is not a set of rules which you can learn on a course, but an attitude, once you decide to shape your team so that it is continually changing to match the shape of the problems that you have to solve, things get better. Once you start to understand concepts that are particularly pertinent to web development and not particularly pertinent to car manufacture, such as the difference between value demand and failure demand, you are in a position to give your customer what they want and to make money doing it.

Money, Money, Money

Number 5 of the 4 reasons why anybody does anything. I'm not that big a fan of using money as a way of motivating people but... Once you understand what the value is that you're delivering to your customer, you can work on getting that value to flow through your team really fast. The more value the work you do has to your customers, the more they'll want from you, the more they'll pay you.

Money Back

I'm so convinced that this course is going to help you build a better, more effective, web development team that makes you lots and lots of money that I'm offering a money back guarantee - if you come on this course and you don't feel that it's delivered what it promised, I'll give you your money back. No arguments. No hassles, no questions asked.

Money for Free

If you don't think this course is right for you, but you know somebody who it would suit to a tee. Tell them to mention your name when they book the place and I'll give you a 10% affiliates fee.

For further information, contact mark.stringer@gmail.com (07736 807 604)

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