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Make yourself smarter by playing this game

I read this article "Improving fluid intelligence with training
on working memory"
- the idea is that by trying to do two unrelated memory tasks at the same time, you improve something called your "fluid intelligence". By working your audio and visual memory at the same time.

The aim of the game is to spot pairs, either of spoken consonants, or visual images in the sequence which are one set apart e.g if you hear 'd' then 'b' then 'd' you've heard a pair.

or if you see:

followed by:

and then:

You've seen a pair.

When you spot a pair or hear a pair. Press the "p" key.

With the help of processing ( I knocked up a prototype.

Here it is. ( Just unzip the folder and run it using.

java -jar flowG.jar

Please be aware, this is early alpha, version 0.1 stuff.

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