Affiliate Policy

OK, this is my affiliate policy, which, as far as I can see is far more generous than some people's, not mentioning no names, Amazon.

It's this: if someone books a course with me and they mention your name, I send you 10% of the course fee (so with my current course: "Building the Lean Web Development Team", if you send someone in my direction, I would send you £35).  If you were to send a big chunk of consultancy my way - your cut could be considerably more than that.

So please, if you know anybody who's working in web development, or trying to manage a web development team, or trying to work with a web development team, send them in my direction and tell them to mention your name. 

It'll be worth your while.

If you know anybody who wants someone to help them get their web or software development teams working in a more Lean, more Agile way and needs a consultant, or coach to help them do it, again:

I'm your man

And there could be something in it for you.

Disclaimer: If I think you're doing anything dodgy, or spamming people, or trying to trick people into buying my courses or for any other reason I think that you're not being perfectly above board and honest in your recommendation, not only will I be very annoyed, I reserve the right not to pay you. Be nice.

For further information, contact (07736 807 604)

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